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ACE_logoACE Funding

ACE Funding, a division of Octavius GB Ltd is a high-level property development & finance introduction company. We work discreetly with trusted clients that have established and proven track-records. Aside of property development investment we connect our clients to asset finance professionals to fund FF&E projects including HVAC, Furniture and Window Treatments as well as supply of these products via Lithuania GB (below).

In 2016 we launched a UK based knowledge enterprise that through extensive market research has built an in-depth understanding of the Off-Site Manufacture (OSM) Value Chain network, throughout the world. We make available that knowledge and experience to worldwide Property Developers and Construction organisations in order to help them consider how to approach the growing interest in Modular Construction.


Lithuania GBLithuania GB

Lithuania GB, a division of Octavius GB Ltd provides access to high quality Baltic Supply Chain bringing several parties together, including UK delivery partners & further afield. Products and services incl; off-site & traditional construction, engineering, ICT, windows & dressings, bespoke furniture, heating solutions & general building supplies. ACE Modular Construction since launched and now provides a worldwide supply chain offering to clients across the globe. Clients include Property Developers and Investors.

Anglo Russian Timber Alliance

Russia is one of the top five exporters of wood construction materials with exports approximately $5 billion per annum.

We specialise in sourcing responsibly-sourced timber including Pine, Spruce, Siberian Larch from the Russian Federation. With extensive robust due diligence, we travel far and wide to source best quality sustainable timber working collaboratively with local trusted longterm partners maintaining consistent quality control.

ARTA is committed to the responsible sourcing of forest products. We will only purchase timber sourced from FSC accredited/certified forests.

Balmoral Global Capital

With a global reach of investors, our focus is to assist credible businesses or new ventures in sourcing capital to grow. We are looking for both proven businesses and unique concepts that have highly talented people and a very strong vision. As well as technology and infrastructure projects we have key contacts that can provide capital for oil & gas projects (Upstream, Midstream, Downstream) energy projects & infrastructure.

ACE Medical Supplies

The Covid-19 Pandemic has shocked the world, and in immediate response Lithuania GB have partnered with ACE Medical Supplies providing a wide range of medical products including Hand Disinfectant (Alcohol and Non-Alcohol), Gloves, Intelligent Temperature Measurement Facial Recognition & Disinfectant Channels, Ventilators, Testing Kits, Masks, Aprons, Suits, Wipes, Sterilised Swabs, Thermometers, Protective Over-boots etc.

Ambassador Role



BYDAND security consultants are an independent security company that provide high-level training to military, police and civilian clients worldwide. My interest in the military is grown out of a tremendous amount of respect for those that serve our country and indeed our allies. This includes the SAS, SBS and Navy Seals. See a sample of my commitment.