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You will see my background was in media; including marketing, branding, contract publishing and print management. At Centurion Press Ltd (CPL) I created the Charity and Housing Association Division trading millions of pounds of sales within a short period providing concept to delivery of marketing strategy and materials for a total of 65 charities including contract publishing 16 magazines. Helping to raise and indeed save millions annually charity fundraising and general sales experience provided me with transferable skills to improve my corporate funding journey. 

Within my career, I introduced KISS FM to CPL in 1990 whom invested in and sold at a huge return 18 months later providing critical financial assistance at the time to ensure substantial success . We sold CPL to a major PLC in 2002. I am also honoured to have co-organised the sponsorship of The Late President Nelson Mandela with his visit to the UK shortly after his release in prison in South Africa. 

My great uncle William ‘Billy’ Evans, one of 17 brothers and sisters from London was a famous Boxer in the 1920’s who was knocked out in a bout by his Danish opponent and with great sadness didn’t survive. The King of Denmark sent over a Grave Stone for Billy’s Funeral and the procession included thousands, my other uncle guarded Deputy Führer Rudolf Hess whilst he was imprisoned during the WW2 in Scotland and I had the pleasure of Go-Karting with the late HRH Princess Diana. I am very proud of my family roots in London and Yorkshire, both sides of the family were normal working class people living under the poverty line in most instances.

My prime focus now is connecting Private Equity investors, in the form of a joint venture, to UK Residential and Commercial Real Estate Developers Our company is a bespoke property sales service, in addition more recently I launched again connecting PE to companies specialising in emerging markets and technology, as well as supporting my various ‘start-up’ investments.  I am still involved in Charity albeit not as extensively.

I am available for sales consultancy/NED roles only where I feel I can add significant value monetising my extensive worldwide network,  particularly for companies outside the UK wishing to ‘Fast Track’ their offering to our country. Please contact me for further information.

Plans in 2017/2018 include launching a UK Asset based Fund with a team of seasoned professionals. I have helped to raise £100’s of Millions since I launched my career in professional fundraising and will continue to do so.

Thank you for taking the time to peruse my website!